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Lompit, The Time for Change is Now!

Help us to create a Constitution and a Manifesto suitable for the 21st Century, based around the UK but is transferable to any society around the world

These documents are freely available to ALL to distribute/use
THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT on the content

All ideas/comments must comply from the premise that no one is superior or inferior to any other person
please keep generalisations to a minimum.

The ideas outlined aim will be fair to all giving incentive to the ambitious and support to the unfortunate and fulfilling our obligations under the United Nations dclaration of Human rights. If these ideas are adopted by a significant number of societies, countries, We believe that it would lead to a more harmonious world which can benefit from the great things this planet has to offer. This end needs people, especially politicians, to have an altruistic attitude, a belief in our children and faith in the goodness of man.

If you have other "Political documents" that need a colabrative input email ideas to admin@lompit.net and we may create one alternativly enter into a debate

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